A.S.D. KAUNA TEAM Via Scirocco, 8 - Cagliari Sardinia - Italy email: kaunateam@tiscali.it
mobile:+39 335 66 36 363

Canoe Rent


Models: Next, Orca, Hawx
Contact: canoe@vajdagroup.com - www.vajdagroup.com


We will offer to you the best boats that we have in stock at the time of the competition.
Please understand that we might not have all the boats available as requested – specially on short note.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can do our utmost to get you a boat ready for the race in Sardinia.

Please understand that it's first come first serve.
The first person who books the ski and pays the rental will be able to race on that boat.

So book early and send us the rental fee so you are sure you get the boat you want therefore performing at your best on the boat you know!

We offer all models: XT, Bluefin, Swordfish S, Elite S, Glide, Elite S Double, XT Double
Rental fee:
Vacuum/Fiberglass construction for Euro 160,00
Vacuum/Sandwich/Carbon construction for Euro 200,00
Double Ski for Euro 250,00
(Rental is for training on the day prior to the races (Thursday lunchtime) and for races day (latest Saturday evening).

Damage that is occurred to the rental boat has to be covered by the paddler!

Ask us now for availability!

We will also ask for a deposit of Euro 150.—to insure that we get it back in acceptable condition.
This deposit is to be paid prior to pickup.
If the ski is in good condition on return this deposit will be paid back to you!

You can also make contact to receive an offer to buy some of the craft at discount after the event!
Please contact us on the following e-mails for instructions or further questions:

Mario Graziani mario@fastforwardog.com

Thomas Zachert +49 171 62 71 777 or info@wetiz.eu


Model: Code Zero - Code Zero 2.0
Contact: info@fgkayak.com - www.fgkayak.com


Gianni Montagner:
Epic V14 Performance - V12 Ultra - V10 Ultra - V10 Sport Performance Vajda Orca - Swordfish
Euro 150 - +39 338 158 6689 - giannimontagner@virgilio.it